lundi, mars 27, 2006

Doherty again

Pete Doherty’s Chaotic Court Appearance

Pete Doherty

by Eve Jenkin @ Undercover

It seems that drug-addled rocker Pete Doherty can’t do anything right, and he’s not doing anything to prove otherwise with his recent court appearance described as “total chaos” by a reporter that he kicked in the arm - not long after pleading guilty to seven drug charges.

Arriving more than an hour late for his trial at London’s Thames Magistrate Court on March 23, Doherty proceeded to plead guilty to seven charges of possessing drugs including crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. He is currently serving 12 months community service, must undertake regular drug tests – an order imposed from his last court appearance – and will now have the results of his next review determine his final sentence.

Following the trial chaos ensued, with dozens of media swarming the former Libertines front man leaving him with no other option than to “fight” his way through the swarm. BBC Radio One reporter Trudi Barber explained on Radio One “It was total chaos here outside the court both when he arrived and when he left…Afterwards he leapt over the railings outside the court…All of a sudden he lashed out, kicking me in the arm that was holding the microphone.”


Joe el Misterioso a dit…

Oh dear, now look at that fucking face... he almost looks like a young E. A. Poe.

I myself prefer Poe...