mercredi, mars 15, 2006

Blondie no more

It’s the End of the Road for Blondie

Blondie (photo by Ros O'Gorman)

by Eve Jenkin @ Undercover

March 15 2006

That's right. Punk rock/pop/disco veterans Blondie may have just been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, but that doesn’t mean they are postponing the inevitable. The band have just announced their imminent break up, scheduled for May ’06.

The split has to wait a while as Blondie have other commitments they need to take care of before they call it a day, including their upcoming tour with newly reformed The Cars.

Initially, Deborah Harry announced in a statement that Blondie would be disbanding in December last year, but recently explained the set-backs. “We were planning to end in December but then the induction into the Hall of Fame came up and the opportunity to tour with The New Cars,” she said.

“We haven't toured in the States for a while and there's no place like home.” The Blondie Farewell tour begins in May, after which the band will go their separate ways. Amongst the many projects the Blondie members intend to get started on include a book by Deborah Harry and a movie by Chris Stein. “It's time to do some experimenting for me,” said Harry, according to a Contactmusic report.

Blondie formed in 1974 and experienced worldwide success thanks to songs such as “Atomic,” “Heart Of Glass” and “Call Me”. They eventually split in 1982 but reformed again in 1999.