lundi, avril 23, 2007

Secret Shine News

Some info here from Scott of Secret Shine:

"The album is going well thanks. We have 5 songs that are certainties to make it and lots of other ideas that we're working on. We went back into rehearsals this week to work on our ideas and also prepare for a show we're playing on June 7th in
Bristol, our home town. We'd like to put 10 tracks on the album. We're still debating whether to release it ourselves or try and find a deal. Most of the labels who've shown an interest are no bigger that our own label so we may as well do it ourselves. I don't think it matters as long as people get to hear it.

I will keep you updated on our album progress. I'm so excited about it - I wish we could release it tomorrow but it takes so long to do these things - we're aiming for autumn release but even that is looking too soon.

Take care...


Sorry I haven't been in touch for ages, time has just wizzed by this year already.

It may seem like sleepy times in the Shine camp from the outside but it's far from it! Jamie, Dean and I have been writing songs like mad for the new album and working through them with Richy and Kathryn at rehearsals. Progress on the actual recording of the album has been slightly held up while Jamie finished recording and producing an album for singer-songwriter Vincent Callan. Vincent's album will be the next release on our Razorblade record label in June.

There will be more info about this record on our website soon but in the meantime check out Vin's myspace page

It's only a few weeks from our first live gig of the year at our spiritual home, the Bristol Louisiana (June 7th). This will be the launch of our record label and we will be joined at the gig by our label-mates The Great Admirers and the aforementioned Vincent Callan. It's gonna be a great night and hopefully a bit of a party to celebrate the label, Shine's first gig of the year and Vin's new record. We'd love to see you if you can make it. The Loui is quite small so order your ticket now or let me know you're coming. We're planning to play a few songs from our new album at this gig so we'd love to get your opinions but only if they're nice of course ;)

Also this month, look out for the forthcoming issue of New York's Big Takeover magazine which features an interview with Secret Shine and review of 'Beyond Sea and Sky'. We're really excited about being in the magazine. In the interview we answer questions on our relationship with Sarah records and the other bands on the label, our songwriting and sound, and dealing with the death of our friend and drummer Tim Morris.

Much further ahead this year, we have already started to arrange our next US mini-tour. It's looking likely that we'll be heading to the east coast again because this is where we can get lots of gigs in a small space to make it work out practically. It's horrible to have to be business-like, our romantic vision is to play every place we've been invited; Seattle, LA, Texas, Chicago to name only a few but we have to find a way to make it work out. Thanks to everyone who has offered venue contacts and floors to sleep on. We're still looking at coming to your town so watch out! There's also a chance that the kind people from the band Drydin will arrange us a gig in Iceland on the way out to the States. This would be another dream come true.

I think that's all for now apart from to say thanks to Jen and Christine for continually 'spreading the word of shine' and everyone who's bought our records - we really appreciate your support and frequent kind words.

Hope to see some of you at the Bristol Loui on June 7th.

Take care

Scott x

p.s coming soon - secret shine t-shirts and new downloads on the site (about time!)

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