jeudi, avril 26, 2007

Nightmare of You, Rasputina, Sigur Ros and Dungen.

Nightmare Of You, Homeless?

Story by: Taylor Mason

After spending the last few months perfecting tunes for their sophomore record, Nightmare Of You declared their free-agency yesterday, announcing that they have parted ways with label EastWest. Confirming the split via their official MySpace page, NOY wrote, "As of today, April 17, 2007, Nightmare Of You and our respective Bevonshire Label have left our old home at EastWest and are free to explore the best options for the future of the band. Our forthcoming album will NOT be affiliated with Sire Records nor will it suffer from the poor distribution our debut endured."

The Long Island band, which features emo veterans Brandon Reilly (the Movielife) and Samuel Siegler (Rival Schools, GlassJaw) remained optimistic about their recording future, going on to write "We are very lucky for this freedom to explore the 'right' options for us since most contractually obligated bands can end up crippled by a lack of both passion and resources."...

Story by: Tom Duffy

Brooklyn chamber-rock outfit Rasputina are set to release their sixth full-length album, Oh Perilous World!, June 26 via Filthy Bonnet. Following the release of her 2006 solo album, Perplexions, singer/lead celloist Melora Creager spent the last two years scouring over daily world events and adapting them into songs.

"I wrote the songs featured on Oh Perilous World! over the last two years when I realized that current world events were more bizarre than anything I could scrounge up from the distant past," she says. "I obsessively read daily news on the Internet and copied words, phrases and whole stories that especially intrigued me and compiled a vast notebook of this material."

Original from Kansas, Creager moved to New York at 18, where she began playing her cello in rock bands. She joined local band Ultra Vivid Scene, who recorded three albums for cult British label 4AD and went on to open for the Pixies and Throwing Muses. But it was after touring with Nirvana as a cellist on their In Utero tour that she decided it was time to branch out on her own, thus creating Raspuntina.

Oh Perlious World! is performed by Creager, alongside drummer Jonathon TeBeest with second chair Sarah Bowman.

Tracklist For Oh Perilous World!:

01. 1816, The Year Without A Summer
02. Choose Me For A Champion
03. Cage In A Cave
04. Incident In A Medical Clinic
05. Draconian Crackdown
06. Child Soldier Rebellion
07. Oh Bring Back The Egg Unbroken
08. Old Yellowcake Breaking News
09. In Old Yellowcake
10. A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me
11. The Pruning

A Year At Sea With Sigur Ros.

Story by: Taylor Mason

Icelandic rockers Sigur Rós announced today on their website a June 1 release of In A Frozen Sea—A Year With Sigur Rós (Artist In Residence), a book compiled by industry veteran and longtime Sigur Rós fan Jeff Anderson. The collector's item is a photographic essay comprised of exclusive photos and interviews collected from the band's iconic tour of Iceland last summer, paired with beautiful images of the Icelandic countryside, creating an intricate, fan-derived look at the band. Further appeasing fans, Sigur Rós will repackage a limited 5,000 issues containing the book release of In A Frozen Sea as well as three of the band's 12-inch LP's.

Dungen Preps New LP.

Story by: Kevin Kampwirth

Swedish psych-rockers Dungen will release their nine-track fourth LP, Tio Bitar (translated as "Ten Pieces") on May 15 in the States via Kemado. As has been the case with past Dungen records, Tio Bitar was written and constructed almost completely by front man Gustav Ejstes—who also played most of the instruments himself—with some help from guitarist Reine Fiske. No dates are set yet in support of the album, but a spring tour is in the works.

Tracklisting For Tio Bitar:

01. Intro
02. Familj
03. Gor Det Nu
04. C Visar Vagen
05. Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig
06. Mon Amour
07. Sa Blev Det Bestam
08. Ett Skl Att Trivas
09. Svart Ar Himlen