jeudi, avril 12, 2007

More Rock News 04 2007

The Chemical Brothers, M.I.A., Ulrich Schnauss, New Pornographers, The Sea And Cake, Setting Suns (aka Adam of Swervedriver and Sam of Interpol!!), Shellac, The Wedding Present, Amiina, Jeff Buckley, Laura Veirs, and Lungfish.

Chemical Brothers Are the Night on New Album. Klaxons, Midlake, Fatlip guest.

The Chemical Brothers will release their sixth LP, We Are the Night, via Astralwerks on June 19. The duo's last album was 2005's Push the Button, and like that record and the ones before it, Night features a bevy of guest stars.

Fatlip (formerly of the Pharcyde), Klaxons, Midlake, Willy Mason and all contribute to We Are the Night, and the first single-- "Do It Again [ft. Ali Love]"-- is due out soon.

M.I.A. Reveals New Album Name, Release Date.

Rolling Stone reports that M.I.A.'s hotly anticipated second album will be called Kala and will be in stores June 26 via Interscope. Yes, "Bird Flu" will be on it, as will collaborations with Diplo and Timbaland. None of this information has been confirmed yet, but the release date at least seems remotely accurate...

Ulrich Schnauss Shares Heartfelt Goodbye.

July 10, dream-popping foot-looker Ulrich Schnauss will release his third LP, the gauzy Goodbye, on Domino Records. Canned in his native Kiel, Germany, Goodbye reflects a period of steely, self-imposed isolation as a kickstart to creativity; kind of like Bowie's Low, or Liars' Drum's Not Dead, or Scorpions' "Wind of Change," or basically every other record ever recorded in Germany.

Before the Goodbye comes the fond hug of the Quicksand Memory EP, due May 22. Quicksand features an edit of Goodbye's "Medusa", a collaboration with Rob McVey of UK act Longview (for which Schnauss plays keys), and a pair of remixes of older Ulrich songs by Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie.

Carl Newman Reveals New Pornographers LP Details. "We're like Fleetwood Mac if Dylan joined."

The notion of a fourth album from a band like the New Pornographers— the side-project-gone-amok that, among others, harbors principal songwriter Carl Newman, Destroyer's Dan Bejar, and titan-voiced troubadour Neko Case— seems an almost impossible feat. It's hard enough keeping centrally-located bandmates together, let alone riding out the schedules of so many otherwise-occupied musicians over the many miles that separate them.

But against the odds, Newman tells us that the band's fourth LP of dashing, deftly crafted pop will be out in August, and will almost certainly be titled Challengers...

The Sea and Cake New Album.

Veteran featherweight jazz-poppers the Sea and Cake-- the scented candles of indie-rock-- are all primed to issue Everybody, their seventh full-length audio footbath, May 8 via Thrill Jockey...

Interpol's Sam + Swervedriver's Adam = Setting Suns.

Getting to kick out some jams with your idols is any young musician's dream come true, and for a young musician named Sam Fogarino from a young band called Interpol, that dream recently exploded into reality.

Fogarino met former Swervedriver lead Adam Franklin over dinner a winter ago, and the two must have hit it off, 'cause they done gone and formed a band. "i've been a swervedriver fan from the start, still am," wrote Fogarino on the Setting Suns' newly inaugurated MySpace page. "i would have killed just to bang a can for adam franklin. now, he makes sense of my melodies, and turns our ideas into a beautiful din. i feel lucky and alive.... and a bit sick from my own sap."

Thus far, the duo has posted two slow-burning bits of beautiful din on their MySpace: piano-dappled rainy-day dirge "Yesterday's Flowers", and a track called-- no joke-- "Cold War Kids".

As Franklin explained in a recent post, he's had the "Cold War Kids" idea for some time-- and even considered naming the band that until learning some youngins already snatched it up. "The inspiration behind [the song]," wrote Franklin, "was Bowie's Heroes, the film Christiane F and a song called Only The Dead Dreams Of A Cold War Kid by Hawklords, which was in effect Hawkwind contractually obligated to alter their name whilst playing Noo Wave music circa 1978." Good to know, good to know.

The Setting Suns have not yet unveiled any release details or tour plans. Franklin, meanwhile, has retired his Toshack Highway moniker for the moment, and will release an album called Bolts of Melody later this spring under his own name. Bolts will include Adam's cover of Wolf Parade's "Shine a Light", and several tracks off it may be streamed right now at dude's MySpace...

Shellac Reveal Excellent Tracklist.

Shellac have announced the tracklist for their long-awaited Excellent Italian Greyhound, due out June 5 on Touch & Go. In typical Shellac fashion, the album only has nine tracks. And though we assume it's just a coincidence, the possibility of "Steady As She Goes" being a cover of either the Raconteurs or Voodoo Glow Skulls has us reeling.

In addition to the previously reported cover featuring a photo of a greyhound in the middle of a group of fruits and vegetables, the album will also feature a second cover of sorts, one that slips over the actual CD. The second cover, a black-and-white Jay Ryan cartoon design, is posted at the top of this story for your viewing pleasure.

The Wedding Present Release Six-Disc Peel Sessions.

The Wedding Present will release their complete sessions for the late John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show on March 26 via Sanctuary Records in the UK and on April 24 in the U.S.

Complete Peel Sessions: 1986-2004 spreads in-studio sessions, live sets, and band interviews across six discs, and it includes the band's cover of Orange Juice's "Felicity" as well as a venture into Ukrainian folk music.

Wedding Present founder/songwriter/vocalist David Gedge oversaw the compiling, remastering, and artwork for the set, which features liner notes by In Session Tonight author Ken Garner.

As for the contents of the box set (deep breath), the first disc consists of studio sessions in February and October of 1986, March and October of 1987, and March of 1988. The studio sessions on the second disc are from May 1988, May 1989, October 1990, March 1992, and March 1994. The third disc adds a live set from Peel's 50th birthday celebration in London in August of 1989 to studio sessions from December 1995 and July 2004. The remaining three discs feature live sets at the 1995 Phoenix Festival in Stratford-upon-Avon (disc four), the 1996 Sound City Festival at Leeds Metropolitan University (disc five), and the 1996 Reading Festival (disc six).

Amiina Release Debut LP Online, Tour North America.

Invoking three very magical indie letters-- namely, D, I, and Y-- the bow-toting ladies of Iceland's Amiina (née Amina) will make the world a slightly prettier place as they self-release their debut LP online today via their own Bláskjár Records. A Wednesday release? When you do it yourself, you can do it any damn way you please.

To celebrate their revolutionary dismissal of standard Tuesday release practice, Sólrún, María, Edda, and Hildur-- whom audiences may recognize as Sigur Rós' touring string quartet-- transgress the Atlantic, embarking on a rare North American tour tonight. The jaunt kicks off in Madison, Wisconsin, and has our string-pullers-- who play a bunch of other instruments as well-- sweeping clear across the continent over the next month.

The most eager of fans can score a copy of Kurr, our ladies' debut full-length, right now via the band's website. Or take one home following one of these shows. Or pick up the LP across the U.S. later this year, as Amiina will give Kurr a proper American release via a proper label in the near future-- which makes current editions of the album part of a special, limited run ($eBay$!).

Jeff Buckley Greatest Hits Comp, DVD in Works. The bottom of my Grace CD: Scratches from my roommate, the drunk.

Though there's been no shortage of posthumously-released Jeff Buckley material in the decade since the swoon-inducing singer-songwriter's drowning in 1997, the ultimate earthly tribute-- a greatest hits compilation-- has eluded him until now.

Columbia/Legacy will collect 14 Buckley tracks on So Real: Songs of Jeff Buckley, which will be released on May 22, a week before the 10th anniversary of his death.

The collection features a handful of tracks from Buckley's back catalog, an acoustic rendering of its title track recorded in Japan, and a Smiths cover. Everything from the tracklist to the artwork of So Real came together under the watchful eye of Jeff's mom, with brand-new liner notes penned by veteran rock scribe David Fricke. (Hey, at least they're not giving him the Biggie/Puffy treatment and adding guest verses from Jack Johnson or something.)

Not coincidentally, hitting stores the same day is Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley, an hourlong docu-DVD touching on the life and legacy of Mr. Buckley from first-time filmmakers Laurie Trombley and Nyla Bialek Adams. Combining archival footage with new interviews with Buckley's friends and family, the film is sure to leave one wondering why this burgeoning talent had to leave us while John Mayer marches forward, unscathed.

Laura Veirs to Release Saltbreakers.

All systems are go for the release of bespectacled Pacific Northwestern chanteuse Laura Veirs' third Nonesuch release, Saltbreakers. The disc-- packed to the gills with languid, folky balladry-- will drop in Europe March 26, with an April 10 release Stateside. The iTunes version of the album will contain the exclusive bonus track "Bright Glittering Gifts".

Recorded with producer Tucker Martine (who twiddled the knobs on the Decemberists' The Crane Wife and might have had something to do with Veirs' guest vocal turn on that album's "Yankee Bayonet"), the album explores the collapse of Veirs' long-term relationship, as well as her short-term stint in a U-Haul from Seattle to Portland. Though most of Saltbreakers was committed to tape in Seattle, of particular note is "To the Country", a track recorded in Johnny and June Carter Cash's home in Hendersonville, Tennessee and featuring the eight-member Cedar Hill Choir.

Veirs fans should also be on the lookout for a disc by The Young Rapture Choir, a cadre of 45 French middle schoolers who belted out Veirs tunes in concert sometime last year. The limited-edition live album of said performance is available on Veirs' own Raven Marching Band imprint.

Lungfish's Higgs Signs to Thrill Jockey.

Thrill Jockey will release Lungfish frontman Daniel A.I.U. Higgs' Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot on June 5. The second in a series of full-color, 6" X 8" hardcover book/CD packages that so far includes Aki Tsuyuko's Hokane, Tarot features six tracks and 48 pages of Higgs' visual art.

According to the Thrill Jockey website, "The yggdrasil is the great tree of Norse myth that connects all worlds of cosmology... In his relentless pursuit of the indivisible, Higgs travels up and down this spine and hatches a new transubstantiation of sound and image into life form." We smell a tour opening for Mastodon!

In addition to the book and CD, Thrill Jockey will also transubstantiate the album into a limited edition vinyl version...