vendredi, octobre 08, 2004

Sum 41 : Chuck

Sum 41's new album

By Tim Cashmere, for Undercover

8th October 2004

So we've all heard the story, Canadian hybrid of all that is rock (except pure rock in itself) were in the Congo filming a doco about how civil war is tearing apart the country, a UN dude named Chuck saves them when the ceasefire ceases and in the heat of the moment they said "if we get out of this alive, we'll name an album after you!" What we haven't heard is just how damned awesome this album is.

From 'No Reason' opening the album with choral hey-ing, to the more melodic 'Some Say' to the trashy Metallica-esque closer (lest you have the bonus track 'NOOTS') '88' this album is throbbing with riffs straight from the school of Kirk Hammett.

Sum 41's debut album was called 'All Killer No Filler', but the reality is, there was an awful lot of filler on there. That title should've been saved for this album. It truly is all killer and there certainly is no filler.

Track Listing
No Reason
We're All To Blame
Angels With Dirty Faces
Some Say
The Bitter End
Open Your Eyes
Slipping Away
I'm Not The One
Welcome To Hell
There's No Solution
NOOTS (Bonus Track)