mardi, octobre 26, 2004

Jarvis strikes again

Harry Cocker

JARVIS COCKER has been signed to write the soundtrack for the fourth Harry Potter film.
As well as composing the music for Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, the former PULP frontman will make a cameo appearance.

Movie bosses were determined to bring in a trendy British musician to give the film a sprinkling of Britpop cool after the previous Potter flicks were scored by prolific American composer JOHN WILLIAMS — most famous for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET and the chilling theme from Jaws.

But new Potter director MIKE NEWELL wanted to make sure his movie appealed more to a generation of music-mad teens.

He asked DANIEL RADCLIFFE and the other young stars to draw up a shortlist of candidates. Jarvis bagged the job because of his reputation and professionalism.

He may even write the score under the name of his alter ego DARREN SPOONER — a goth-rocking punk image he invented for himself last year fronting a band called RELAXED MUSCLE.

Jarvis will be responsible for picking additional music for the film and has already chosen FRANZ FERDINAND to appear and write a track.

A source at movie giants Warner Bros tells me: “Everyone here is really excited about Jarvis being involved in Goblet Of Fire.

“He is a very talented musician who is a big fan of movies and knows exactly how they work. You may just think Jarvis is the bloke in specs who fronted Pulp but he is a man with many hidden depths.”

Jarvis, a dead ringer for an adult Harry Potter, saw Pulp splitting last year as an ideal opportunity to explore new avenues.

He studied film at Central St Martin’s in London and once said: “I think I’ll end up as a film-maker eventually. It’s just a question of when. You always wish that people you like knew when to give up, but they never do.”

He has some experience in the field, having composed music for 1995 film Wild Side.

Jarvis in Potter? It will be absolutely magic.