mercredi, octobre 27, 2004

The Donnas

The Donnas and Simple Plan Go Dual

By Paul Cashmere

26 October 2004

Warner Music Group will release four dual discs this week including Simple Plan's 'Still Not Getting Any' and The Donnas 'Gold Medal'.

A dual disc is a double sided disc with CD on one side and DVD on the other.

John Esposito from WEA Corp said in a statement "DualDisc offers music consumers a wider array of options to enhance their experience with our artists. Limited only by the artist's imagination, DualDisc's unique audio and video features give our artists a broader palette for creative expression. We are excited that two of our most anticipated new albums this fall will be released on DualDisc."

The Simple Plan album will feature the entire album on the CD side and 20 minutes of excusive, behind-the-scenes 'making of the album' footage on the DVD as well as a photo gallery, lyrics and bonus material as well as the entire album again in 5:1 sound.

The Donnas' "Gold Medal" DualDisc, the DVD side features each track available in 5.1 Surround Sound and high-resolution stereo. It also features The Donnas' "Fall Behind Me" music video in Surround Sound, a 15-minute "making of the video" piece and a lyrics section for the album.

Warner Music will also release The Grateful Dead's 'American Beauty' and Trapt's self-titled album in the format on November 23rd.