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Rock News 03 2007

Queens Of The Stone Age, Portishead, Interpol, and Client.

Boston lead singer dies.

Brad Delp was 55

The lead singer of American arena rock band Boston was found dead in his home today (March 9) in southern New Hampshire.

Brad Delp was 55, and was reportedly alone at the time of his death, according to Atkinson, New Hampshire police.

The cause of his death has not yet been determined and is currently under investigation, reports the Associated Press.

Boston achieved great success during the 1970s and 1980s with radio hits including 'More Than A Feeling', 'Peace of Mind', and 'Don't Look Back'.

The band recorded their last album, 'Corporate America', in 2002, with Delp at the helm. They made their last live appearance late last year at Boston's Symphony Hall...


Jesus & Mary Chain Add Reunion Gigs, Consider Album. Jim Reid on new JAMC LP: "Maybe."

While you were busy conceiving of the cleverest way to compromise your integrity on Craigslist for a Coachella ticket, the Jesus and Mary Chain went and announced two more reunion shows. After melting the Björk-ready masses in Indio, California on April 27, the brothers Reid and their Chain-gang will ship off to Spain for two Summercase festival gigs.

Presently comprised of Jim and William Reid, along with second guitarist Mark Crozer, bassist Phil King (ex-Lush), and drummer Laurence "Loz" Colbert (ex-Ride), the JAMC rock Madrid's Boadilla del Monte on July 13 and Barcelona's Parc del Forum on July 14. Along with Coachella, these gigs will be the band's first in nine years.

Said Jim Reid in a press release, "It's taken this long for me and William to get to a point where it would be realistic to [get back together], and to some degree each of us assumed the other wouldn't be interested, and it was only after we talked about it that we realised this. Also Coachella were very persistent."

These new gigs will also give the band a chance to redeem themselves following a disappointing final show. "The last Mary Chain gig was in 1998 and was such a bloody awful mess, too much drink, too many drugs, nobody seeing eye to eye on anything and the band just blew up, and I suppose you could say this is another good reason for our reformation, 'cause that was no way for the Mary Chain to end."

Does this mean we can expect more shows... and a new album?? "I really don't know," said Jim. "Maybe. I think we would like to and we're looking at another show or two."

For now, we can expect solo albums from each of the Reid brothers later this year.

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Jesus & Mary Chain Join Sis as Sister Vanilla. Judge them not by the cheap font on their album cover

As concert-goers of the world snap up earplugs by the bushel-load in anticipation of the Jesus and Mary Chain reunion, looks like we finally have some new material from the brothers Reid-- with sister!

Jim, William, and sibling Linda-- whose vocals grace JAMC Munki jam "Mo Tucker"-- have joined forces for the debut Sister Vanilla LP, Little Pop Rock. Scotland's Chemikal Underground will deliver the 12-track set-- some ten years in the making, from initial idea to recorded reality-- on April 2 in the UK and April 3 in the U.S.

True to its title, Little Pop Rock is a modest affair, drawing together fuzz and acoustic jangle from various points in the JAMC timeline into a tasty sonic milkshake, featuring vocals from all three Reids (with Linda taking centerstage). JAMC/Freeheat mainstay Ben Lurie rounds out the Sister Vanilla quartet.

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Casablancas, Reznor, Lanegan on New QOTSA LP

Never ones to do things in a conventional matter, Queens of the Stone Age have "unofficially" leaked a bit of information about their new album.

The record is titled Era Vulgaris, is scheduled to come out in June, and is "rumored" to feature guest appearances from the Strokes' Julian Casablancas, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan, and ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons.

The band's MySpace blog cryptically lists "Into the Hollow", "Sick, Sick, Sick", "Misfit Love", and "Battery Acid" as potential song titles.

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Portishead Debut New Song at Secret Live Gig!

Fans who check Portishead's MySpace hourly likely stumbled across the following somewhat cryptic message today from Geoff Barrow:

"thanks for everyone who came down to see me dj last night and the responce to the live stuff, even though it was only 2 songs. beth and ade enjoyed playin as well.

"sorry we didnt tell everyone about the gig but its good to do things like that every now and again, and its a tiny place."

He added, "ps. the new song hasnt even got a name yet."

Wait a minute-- live stuff? Beth and Ade?? New song??!

Believe it. Reconvening for their first live appearance since February, 2005's Tsunami Benefit one-off-- and debuting brand new material-- the Portishead supertrio of Geoff Barrow, Adrian Utley, and Beth Gibbons played two songs to a tiny, unsuspecting crowd at Bristol's Mr Wolfs last night.

Alert Pitchfork reader Hector Gutierez was on hand to witness the magic, billed under the guise of a Grumpy Man DJs event featuring a guest appearance by Barrow. "After a couple of hours [spinning] eclectic sadcore classics from the likes of Tom Waits and Joy Division," wrote Gutierez, "Geoff and...Adrian Utley began to play 'Wandering Star'-- Geoff playing bass. A few bars in Geoff picked up the mike and asked 'Anyone here know how to sing?' At this point Beth walked on stage and started singing."

Apparently even venue staff were unaware of the live gig, and the person working the door actually charged Gibbons entry.

"The second song was brand new," Gutierez continued, "presumably from the forthcoming (if you believe the rumours, sometime this year) album. Rarely have I seen a room full of people all wear exactly the same facial expression, but when I looked at the crowd everyone had their mouths gaping and eyes wide open as if they were witnessing an alien landing. It was wonderful. The new song was completely gorgeous, carried by Beth's vocals and with very low-key instrumentation."

As the Grumpy Man website colorfully put it, "Adrian and Beth joined Geoff onstage and blew all our collective brains to shit." Thankfully said website also includes a link to a bunch of photos from the event. Rumor has it YouTube footage is likely to surface soon, so keep your person situated in front of the internet at all times for the latest developments in the 10+ year saga of Portishead's third album.

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World Exclusive - Interpol reveal all about new album. Bandmember Daniel Kessler tells NME.COM about new LP. Interpol have almost completed their long-awaited new album, guitarist Daniel Kessler has told NME.

The follow-up to 2004's 'Antics' will be the group's first with major label Capitol, and their first with a producer, Rich Costey, who has previously worked with Muse.

Kessler says the album is more "expressive" than its predecessors.

He said: "We had keyboards on from the start which we've never done before," he said. "It's like a fifth member. There's a lot more texture, and interesting sounds, there's definitely progression and growth."

Kessler explained that the band would start naming the record once all the work had finished, but dismissed internet rumours it will be called 'Moderation'.

"'Moderation'? Really? That sounds terrible - small doses!" joked Kessler. "We're going to start deciding the titles in the next week or so. We've got on called 'Mammoth' at the moment, I doubt that's going to change and another called 'The Heimlich Manoeuvre', we'll see if we keep that, it could be funny."

at the awards itself and a chat with Godlike Geniuses Primal Scream.


Charlatans guest on new Client album. The Good, The Bad And The Queen help out too The Charlatans' frontman Tim Burgess and The Good, The Bad And The Queen's Simon Tong are among the guests on the new Client album.

'Heartland', the follow-up to 2004's 'City', is released on April 30. Among the tracks on which Tong appears is a cover of Adam And The Ants' 'Xerox'.

A single, 'Drive', precedes the album on April 16.