dimanche, mars 04, 2007

Actors & Singers


YOU would think that one lucrative career bringing fame and fortune would satisfy anyone. But for many stars, the adulation of movie fans is not enough. Jared Leto, 35, who starred in Alexander and Fight Club, hits the charts today with A Beautiful Lie, the second album from his band 30 Seconds To Mars. Unlike most of his fellow actors turned-singers, Leto tries to play down his fame and refuses to talk Hollywood when discussing the band. And they're pretty good. Their new album has sold a million copies in the US and is set to cash in on the demand for rock bands such as My Chemical Romance in the UK.

Here, MICKEY McMONAGLE looks at some other big names who have tried to conquer the pop world.


JULIETTE, 33, was the darling of Hollywood's seamier side, starring in movies such as Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia and Cape Fear, before she launched her band Juliette And The Licks. With two well-received albums under their belt, the hard-working group are also a big hit on tour.


HOLLYWOOD hardman Crowe, 42, was a bill-topper in Gladiator but he really wants to be a rock star - and keeps failing. He started out by calling himself Rus Le Roq before singing for an Aussie pub group, 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts, for 12 years. He now fronts The Ordinary Fear Of God.


THE party girl, 20, is a successful actress with lead roles in movies such as The Parent Trap and Mean Girls but also wants chart success. She released her debut album Speak in 2004 to a great response but follow-up A Little More Personal was panned and her third, due last year, isn't out yet.


DOWNEY, 41, has fitted an attempt at a singing career in between hit movie roles and getting arrested. After drink and drug addictions, the Ally McBeal star cleaned up his act and released album The Futurist in 2004, impressing Duran Duran so much they invited him to support them on tour.


Role model for all soapstars-turned wannabe-popsters, Kylie went from playing a teenage mechanic in Neighbours to having chart success around the world. Gold hotpants, good moves and catchy tunes propelled the hugely popular 38-year-old Aussie to the top.


ONE of Scotland's most successful exports in recent years, Boyd, 38, shot to fame through his role as Pippin in The Lord Of The Rings movies. He is lead singer and songwriter in his band Beecake, named after a picture of a bee-covered cake sent to him by fellow hobbit Dominic Monaghan.


REEVES, 42, is the star of hit films such as Speed and The Matrix. But he has always fancied himself as a rocker. The Point Break actor played T in the Park in the mid-90s with his band Dogstar then played bass in new band Becky. But last year said he was packing in music.


HILARY, 19, starred in US TV show Lizzie McGuire and went on to get top roles in movies such as The Perfect Man and Material Girls. She has had four big-selling albums in the US. On the last, Most Wanted, she tried a new rock direction encouraged by boyfriend Joel Madden of band Good Charlotte.


ALREADY a huge movie star thanks to films such as Clueless, Don't Say A Word and 8 Mile, the singing talent of Brittany, 29, was spotted by dance producer Paul Oakenfold then showcased on their hit Faster Kill Pussycat. She is now working on her debut album.


THERE is more to Ashlee, 22, than being the younger sister of former Newlywed Jessica. An acting career was iced as she turned her attention to music and hit No.1 in the US with debut album Autobiography in 2004. The hits kept coming and now she is working on a new album.


Widely regarded as one of Hollywood's sexiest stars, Scarlett, 22, won critical acclaim with roles in Lost In Translation and Girl With A Pearl Earring. She also has the music in her and is working on an album of Tom Waits covers.


Let me see... they forgot Toni Collette (and The Finish), Michael Pitt, Kevin Bacon and his bro, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kily, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Megan Mullally, Julie Delpy, Lalaine and lots of other actor/actresses...