samedi, février 11, 2006

Michael Stipe solo single.

Michael Stipe To Release Solo Charity Song

Michael Stipe (photo by Ros O'Gorman)

by Paul Cashmere @ Undercover

February 9 2006

REM’s Michael Stipe is about to release his first solo single.

‘In The Sun’ is being released to raise money for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina who continue to suffer a year after the tragedy.

Stipe wants to public to remember the disaster and continue to give. “The news cycle has moved on and I don’t want the public to forget about those who were affected by Katrina or to believe that everything is fine now,” says Stipe in a statement. “Things are not fine. The storm is still impacting people’s lives in very real ways and many have been left desperate. I want to remind each of us that as humans, and certainly as Americans, it is our responsibility to help those in need.”

The EP will feature six versions of the song. It features remixes by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Black Eyed Peas and a mix by Justin Timberlake.


1. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (Gulf Coast Relief) (Feat. Chris Martin)
2. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (JAW Breakers Remix) (Feat. Chris Martin, Mix by Justin Timberlake and
3. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (Feat. Joseph Arthur)
4. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (Michael Stipe)
5. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (w/ Coldplay) (Recorded Live at Austin City Limits)
6. Michael Stipe - In the Sun (Free Acoustic Couch Rehearsal) (Michael Stipe/Joseph Arthur)