mardi, février 21, 2006

Arctic Monkeys Tell Fans To F-Off

Arctic Monkeys

by Eve Jenkin @ Undercover
February 10 2006

Don’t you hate it when bands ignore the song demands of their fans to play their own live favourites? Well it seems like audience members at the Arctic Monkeys’ recent performance at Sheffield Octagon might be asking each other that question right about now.

As Arctic Monkeys took the stage at the landmark “homecoming” show, they were greeted with an onslaught of heckles from fans requesting they play their cover of “Love Machine” by Girls Aloud. The band’s response? “Is that all you like us for? F**k off, we can’t remember how to play it.” Following this rather tactless retort from singer Alex Turner fans were not quite so amiable towards the band, and when the Monkeys debuted newie “Leave Before The Lights Come On” the applause was less than rapturous. “F**king hell,” exclaimed Turner. “Don’t sound so enthusiastic, we’ll get back to the classics afterwards.” Such an impatient audience…

The Arctic Monkeys’ phenomenal rise to the top was done without a record company – such was the hype surrounding this band that they were able to fill 2000+ capacity venues before even being signed. One hopes they haven’t forgotten that a decent slab of their success can be attributed to that home crowd they told to “F**k off”…