dimanche, janvier 29, 2006

Sugababes news

Sugababes Lose a Babe

by Eve Jenkin @ Undercover

The surly face of Sugababes, Mutya Buena, has announced she will be leaving the girl group in order to care for her baby daughter Tahlia.

Mutya is not the first gal to leave the ensemble – back in 2002 founding member Siobhan Donaghy left and was promptly replaced by the spritely Heidi Range. And just as a new Sugarbabe took Donaghy’s place, so shall a new member be integrated into the group following Buena’s departure.

Mutya posted an official statement on the Sugarbabes website:

“I’ve enjoyed an unbelievable career so far and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved with Sugababes over the years. My decision to leave the band at this point is based purely on my personal reasons. It was very difficult but definitely not a snap decision. I signed up for being in Sugababes at the age of 13 and have spent my entire life devoted to making and performing music. I think there comes a time when everyone wants to re-evaluate their life and what they want out of it. For me that time has now come. For a long time I have been discussing with Heidi and Keisha our plans for the future and it got to the point where I honestly felt that the commitment I would need to make to Sugababes over the next 12 months was something that would become compromised by me. Clearly that wouldn’t have been fair to Heidi or Keisha or most of all to our fans. Certainly, my departure from the band would never mean the end of Sugababes. We were all in total agreement that a new member would enable the band to continue and I’m delighted that the new girl is taking my place. She’s so lucky to be getting one of the best jobs in the world! And certainly my leaving the band doesn’t mean I won’t be seeing Heidi or Keisha any more. We’ll still be seeing each other and I’ll definitely be taking Tah to all of their gigs.”

Fellow founding member Keisha Buchanan adds:

“When the decision was made, we had a band meeting to discuss the future. I think for our fans, the one thing Sugababes has come to stand for above all else is our consistent and unique style of music. Obviously, it goes without saying that we will all miss Mutya, but we also knew there was still a place for bringing in somebody new who could help us carry on taking the Sugababes brand of music forward.”

Before newbie Heidi finishes off by saying….

“Our management introduced us to someone they had been working with who undoubtedly had an amazing voice, who looked great and, just as important, was already a big fan of the band! When we all met her, we instantly knew she was the only person to share the rest of the journey with us.”

Sugarbabes will head off on a sold-out stadium tour supporting Take That with their new member in tow in 2006.