dimanche, décembre 11, 2005

Zappa DVD

Frank Zappa - The Dub Room Special DVD

By Gary Hill from http://www.musicstreetjournal.com/

Envisioned by Zappa in 1992, this is finally seeing the light of day as a DVD in 2005. The video is a very cool one. According to the booklet it was originally conceived as a TV special and includes excerpts from 2 performances. These are intercut with moments of humor and the offbeat view of the world that was so much a part of Frank Zappa. I'm one who really "gets" and appreciates Zappa's avant-garde insight and humor, but I can also understand why some don't. This release truly captures the essence, though.

This one is now a prized possession in my collection. It showcases Zappa's inimitable musical genius. It also shows his brilliance as a humorist, filmographer and a human being. There is some killer music here, but a whole lot more, too. This also includes a full Zappa discography, a documentary of the song "Valley Girl" and a trailer for the Zappa film Baby Snakes. Zappa fanatics, run out and get this ASAP. For those looking to find out what FZ was all about, this is a great place to start your journey. I envy you experiencing all things Zappa for the first time.