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Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon and War To Reform.

by Paul Cashmere @ Undercover - February 9 2008

Eric Burdon and War Concert Poster
Eric Burdon and War Concert Poster

Eric Burdon and War will reform for one night only in London in April for the first time in 37 years.

Animals lead singer Burdon joined US R&B, funk and jazz band War in 1970 but it was short-lived. They disbanded in 1971.

However, in their short career, Eric Burdon & War produced two now classic albums, both in 1970. 'Eric Burdon Declares War' featured the number one hit 'Spill The Wine' as well as 'Tobacco Road'. That same year, 'The Black Man's Burdon' contained the amazing cover of The Stones 'Paint It Black'.

"The diversity of influences on us was not only musical, but was social as well," says singer-keyboardist and founding War member Lonnie Jordan. "As a result we tried to be entertaining while also spreading the word of peace, harmony and brotherhood. Our instruments and voices became our weapons of choice and the songs our ammunition. We spoke out against racism, hunger, gangs, crimes and turf wars, as we embraced all people with hope and the spirit of brotherhood."

Eric Burdon & War will perform at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, April 21st.

The line-up will be:

Eric Burdon (Vocals)
Lonnie Jordan (Vocals, Keyboards)
Salvador Rodriguez (Drums, Vocals)
Fernando Harkless (Saxaphone, Vocals)
Marcos Reyes (Percussion)
Start Ziff (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Francisco 'Pancho' Tomaselli (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Mitch Kashmar Lead Vocals (Harmonica, Vocals)

Tickets go on sale February 14


Cucumber Jones a dit…

Eric Burdon and War haven't performed together since they split in '71. This concert in London on April 21st is going to be one of the most important gigs this year. This page will enable you to purchase tickets online from February 14th -