mercredi, novembre 14, 2007

Goldfrapp news

Goldfrapp get back to nature.

Francesca Martin

Wednesday November 14, 2007

The Guardian

Out are the tassled disco dancers and glitter balls, in are a 17th-century steel-string harp and a toy organ. For their fourth album, Seventh Tree - a follow-up to the 2005 album Supernature, and due to be released next February - the band Goldfrapp have gone folk. Singer Alison Goldfrapp and her writing partner Will Gregory used the harp and the organ to record the album in a 1960s bungalow in Bath, creating what they call a "slightly psychedelic, almost delirious sound. It's a combination of naive English folkiness with a bit of horror and Californian sunshine thrown in."

Goldfrapp, known for her unusual costumes, is working on a number of different looks for her stage performances, including an owl costume that recalls the album's "back to nature" feel. "For the tour," she says, "I'm imagining scantily clad Morris dancers in ribbons and flowers with pole dancing round maypoles."

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