lundi, mai 01, 2006

Neil Young

Neil Young ‘Living With War’ Album Streaming Online

Neil Young (photo by Ros O'Gorman)

by Tim Cashmere @ Undercover

May 1 2006

“Let’s impeach the president for hijacking/our religion and using it to get elected” Neil Young sings in ‘Let’s Impeach The President’, a track on his scathing attack on the Bush administration, an album called ‘Living With War’, written and recorded in just two weeks.

That same song, probably the most aggressive (not to say the rest of the album isn’t a brutal attack on the current administration) also features samples of George Dubya’s speeches on terrorism.

The album is causing quite a stir, and deals with one subject, the ills of the Republican party.

This isn’t the first time Neil Young has spoken his mind and attacked a way of life. ‘Southern Man’ was an attack on the southern rednecks of America, a cliché of whom would be a poor speaker, have a droopy face, not take kindly to foreigners and, well, be from the south.

Hmm… maybe Neil Young hasn’t changed that much.

Want to hear the album? Check it out at

Wait for George Bush’s cover of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ for the line “Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her/Well I heard ol’ Neil put her down/Well I hope Neil Young will remember/A Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow!”