samedi, novembre 05, 2005

Type O news...

TYPE O NEGATIVE To Release New Album In Early 2006

TYPE O NEGATIVE drummer Johnny Kelly has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Here's what's going on. Peter [Steele] and Josh [Silver] are currently completing their tracks for the 'Roadrunner All Stars' CD. Hopefully they will be done this week. After that, we go back into rehearsals to work on new songs for the next CD. We're shooting to have the new cd released in early 2006. There will be no tours or shows of any kind until the CD is completed and close to the release date.

Other than that, I went to the movies the other night. I've been waiting for my car to get out of the shop for over a month. I washed my truck the other day. I still need to take a shower today. My 26" kick drum finally arrived for my Pearl Masterworks green sparkle kit last week but the color was wrong so I had to send it back and they're making me a new one. My LED ZEPPELIN cover band is playing in Brooklyn this weekend. Peter being dead was a hoax and there is no Easter Bunny. Blah Blah Blah, you get the picture..."

As previously reported, TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele will be joining the cast of the new vampire movie, "Tao of M", this month. Steele will be taking on the role of Viktor Baine, the vampire who sires Midael, another vampire who terrorizes New Orleans, played by Steve Blaze (LILLIAN AXE, NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE). Eric Morris also stars, and members of TWISTED SISTER are slated to portray a group of "false priests" who get on Midael's bad side, according to Fangoria. James L. Bills is directing the hi-def production, produced by Milena Rimassa-Merrill and featuring makeup FX by Matt Green, director of "Vicious".

"Tao of M" is reportedly being shot by Velvet Life Productions (the production company formed by Blaze, Morris and Bills) in a joint venture with Isis Films. Shooting for "Tao of M", which is based on the half-hour indie film "Slayer Zed and the City of the Dead", began in early July, and the moviemakers are aiming for a world premiere this Halloween.

Rimassa-Merrill, President/CEO of Isis Films, took the pre-production trailer for the film, as well as some promotional material, to the Cannes Film Festival 2005, where it was reportedly well received.