mardi, août 02, 2005

The Futureheads

The Futureheads are here and they have arrived at the perfect time. In this day and age of stylish rock bands that sport a poppy rather than punky sound, The Furtureheads’ self titled debut serves not as a welcome change, but a welcome addition.

An impressive entrance onto the scene “The Futureheads” is rock and roll fun with pop sensibilities – which depending on whether or not you like emotion fuelled music could mean their rise or their downfall.

Songs such as the opener “Le Garage” will have you singing along quicker than you can realize the lyrics are “Le Garage” not “The Garage” – and this is precisely what sets The Futureheads apart from bands who deviate too much from music’s basic purpose – they entertain

The Futureheads are certainly a band one should look out for in…well…the future because there is no doubt about it – they are destined for big things if their debut is anything to go by.

Track Listing

1. Le Garage
2. Robot
3. A To B
4. Decent Days & Nights
5. Meantime
6. Alms
7. Danger Of The Water
8. Carnival Kids
9. The City Is Here For You To Use
10. First Day
11. He Knows
12. Stupid & Shallow
13. Trying Not To Think About Time
14. Hounds Of Love (New Mix)
15. Man Ray

By Eve Jenkin @ Undercover