dimanche, août 22, 2004


Soulwax, Any Minute Now (PIAS)

Dorian Lynskey The Guardian

Soulwax are in a curious position. Their own music is obviously their passion but most people love them for their hobby. As 2 Many DJs, Belgium's Dewaele brothers spearheaded the vogue for bootleg mash-ups and recorded one of the most ingenious mix albums ever made, As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol. 2. Fans of 2 Many DJs should, however, approach Any Minute Now with caution. It's a mystery how the same people who traverse genres with such agility as DJs could be behind an album of clunky MTV cyber-rock which sounds like Garbage fronted by Michael Hutchence.

The vocals are awful, the lyrics ridiculous ("Looking up evolution's skirt to see what the future brings." Pardon?) and the ultra-processed riffs plain ugly. Only one track does not disappoint: NY Excuse starts out like the rest of the record but is reworked as chugging electro-punk with LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang. A whole album in this vein could have been a triumph. As it is, the Dewaele brothers might want to consider giving up the day job.